What’s Next?

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I first started working on Ruin in the summer of 2011, only to finally release it on June 1, 2015. While I’m extremely pleased with the game itself and the feedback received thus far, I will continue to tweak/correct any issues that might come up in the near future. Those updates will be available for free on all supported platforms; Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and OUYA.

After having worked on Ruin for the past four years, it’s kind of weird to realize I now have time to move onto my next project. While I have many ideas up my sleeve, the next thing I intend to tackle will be on a smaller scale than Ruin. That isn’t to say that it won’t be just as fun though!

Note: The following screenshots are not intended to be considered as release-ready graphics. Rather, they should be considered WIP unless otherwise specified.

hotdog hero 1 frame 0hotdog portrait 1

These graphics are from a project I just started a few days ago. They are based off a game I released to a limited audience years ago. This time, I’m completely overhauling the original idea for the game into what I hope is a much more enjoyable experience (though admittedly, the original title tied for 1st place in a contest back in the day).

Almost 10 years of (off and on) game development changes the developer though, and I have some ideas for this title that could turn out to be a really nifty game.


Stay tuned for future updates on this currently untitled project!